I am trained in three different therapeutic approaches – cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), person-centred (talking) therapy and attachment (relationship) theory.  What that means in practice is that the therapeutic service is tailored to your needs.

Many of the issues that bring people to counselling and psychotherapy are psychological, social or physical in nature.  While the issue itself may be easily identifiable, often the impact of that issue influences many areas of life.  For example, while ‘relationship problems’ are a ‘social’ issue, they frequently affect a person’s physical as well as psychological health.  When trauma is present – either a one-off trauma or complex long-term trauma – all three elements of a person’s experience can be impacted.

I find that explaining experiences in this way helps people to understand why problems can feel so overwhelming.

How counselling or psychotherapy works depends on what is happening in your life and what you would like to change or improve.  At all times you remain in control of what we do or don’t talk about.  Typically, our sessions will involve listening, support, information, guidance, improved self-knowledge and/or the space to learn and practice new ways of being.  How a problem is addressed will depend on the impact that problem is having on your life.

Therapeutic support can help to:

  • Develop a greater understanding of yourself and the problems you face
  • Increase your understanding of your emotional states, triggers and unhealthy emotional responses
  • Develop a range of coping strategies that will help you to address challenges, increase resilience and make change in everyday life
  • Reduce unwanted or negative patterns of thought or behaviour
  • Improve relationships and increase support networks
  • Improve communication
  • Define wellbeing goals and implement self-care techniques

Counselling and psychotherapy is about your needs, your happiness, your health and your future.  We will work together to bring positive, long-term change to your life.